How you can Invest your Talents and help St. Eugene Catholic Church

"He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully."

       "Glorify the Lord generously, 
      and do not stint the first fruits of your hands. 
      With every gift show a cheerful face, 
      and dedicate your tithe with gladness. 
      Give to the Most High as he has given, 
      and as generously as your hand has found. 
      For the Lord is the one who repays, 
      and he will repay you sevenfold."

Sirach 35:8-11 

"Parishioners must accept responsibility for their parishes and contribute generously—both money and personal service—to their programs and projects. The success or failure of parish programs, the vitality of parish life or its absence, the ability or inability of a parish to render needed services to its members and the community depend upon all.  We, therefore, urge the Catholics of every parish in our land to ponder the words of St. Paul: “Now as you excel in every respect, in faith, discourse, knowledge, all earnestness, and in the love we have for you, may you excel in this gracious act also” (2 Cor 8:7). Only by living as generous stewards of these local Christian communities, their parishes, can the Catholics of the United States hope to make them the vital sources of faith-filled Christian dynamism they are meant to be."  (USCCB)

Ways you can donate and support your community parish

[2 Cor 9:6]


1 month = 4 weeks = 28+ days = 672 hours of gift


1-2 hours to serve God?

There are so many opportunities which don't take much more than just some of your time.  Many of the ministries are ministries of service or of being present.  For those ministries that do need a little training, the coordinators are happy to help you get the hang of the ropes in any area you are looking to invest your time.  If each family gave just 2 hours a month, we'd have 3600 hours of dedication.  Imagine the Kingdom then.

What interests you?  How can you live out your faith in a concrete way?  How can you build up the Body of Christ in the world today?  


Burying talents?  Or investing them?

God has blessed each and everyone of us with so many talents.  Some are highly academic; others highly compassionate.  Some are highly technical; others highly applicable.  Whatever God has given you, see if you can apply that to the mission of the Church to seek the salvation of all souls.  Building up the Church may be as intangible as counseling or as tangible as putting up drywall.  Don't let a talent go to waste; invest it in the Church. 


Are you a 1%'er or a 10%'er?

Of the many blessings that God has showered upon you, have you been thankful and returned to Him with a grateful heart?  It can certainly be a challenge in a world driven by commercialism and capitalism, seeking the ever new and ever greater products.  We certainly need money to live and thrive in the world today.  Jesus reminds us: "where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Mt. 6:21).  Giving from what we have received to the Lord fosters gratitude in the heart and charity in our actions.  

Maybe last year, you were a 1%er.  This year, aim for 1.5%er.  Next year, see if you can make it to 2%.  Very few can go from 1% to 10% overnight.  Move your heart towards a fuller expression of generosity with the gifts that God has blessed you.

Note: if every parishioner were a 10%er, we would never have to do a building campaign, all children would get a free Catholic education through high school, and all special collections could be automatically given a large support without re-passing the basket.

Ways of upgrading your giving 


In January 2017, we started an online giving program, Faithdirect.


Faithdirect offers many great benefits for our parish.

  • Sign up and manage your giving online

  • Use your bank account or even your credit card 

  • Select the different groups or causes to support

  • Saves the parish on envelop costs, not to mention the environment

  • Adjust your giving even from your phone

  • Complete control over your giving; increase/decrease with your finances

To sign up with Faithdirect, just click on the first button for monthly giving or the second button for a one-time gift.  

Here's a video explaining the signup.

An important note with Faithdirect:

If you have already been giving by a direct withdraw method through the church,

please contact Sharon Blakely so that your generosity isn't unexpectedly duplicated.


If you are still the kind of person who is in the habit of sitting down and writing out checks, feel free to use the reliable envelops.  The parish will have them mailed to your home address as indicated on your parish registration.  If you are not receiving your envelops and wish to be, please contact Sharon Blakely to remedy this.  Also, if you are receiving them and have chosen another giving option, please contact her to stop the unnecessary waste of envelops.  


Of course the old school method of dollars in the collection basket is just fine too.  However, as a note, we have no way of tracking your charitable donations unless they are in an envelop.  This matters for the annual tax letter that is issued to each donor each January.  Also, if you are a parent of a child at the school, to get the active parishioner rate, donations need to be able to be credited to you.  If you are not receiving your envelops and wish to be, please contact Sharon Blakely to remedy this.