Education Ministries

[2 Pt. 3:18-19]

"Do not be carried away by their errors and lose the firm foothold you have won; grow up in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

Education is lifelong endeavor.  While we cannot exhaust 2000 years of writings, we can study some of the greatest works out there to enrich our spiritual lives.  

Teen Religious Education

As children mature into teens, their spiritual needs increase by leaps and bounds.  As such, there are many opportunities to assist them in this very important time.

Children's Religious Education (RE)

One of the main focuses of the Church is to provide the knowledge of our God to all the baptized, so that they may be able to know Him better, to love Him more fully.

Adult Education

Somewhere along the line, it's easy to think that we're somehow done with our education, especially our religious education.  Yet being truly honest, how many have more than an 8th grade knowledge of the Church?  Maybe a high school knowledge?  What about a true college level?  What about a lifetime level?  We nourish our bodies everyday; why not our souls?  Did Jesus not remind us that we should not fear what takes life from the body, but rather we should fear what takes eternal life away? 

Baptism Prep

Young Adults

After high school, it's a bigger world out there.  It's when you need the rock of faith all the more, so that you don't get swept away by every changing tide.  Find your haven with other young adult Catholics looking to avoid the statistics.